How to choose a Web Hosting company?

How to choose shared hosting company:

  1. The company should have 24/6 online support or ticket support.
  2. The company should have good reviews, you can find reviews in many forums and blogs.
  3. The company should not be much cheap, cheaper eats money.
  4. The company should have money back guarantee of about 10 days.
  5. The company servers should not be overloaded.
  6. The company should have 1-Click Auto Installer.

Should I go for Unlimited Hosting OR Limited Hosting:

No, you should not go for unlimited hosting web hosting because there is nothing unlimited. Everything has a limit. Have you seen a hard drive, which is unlimited? Every Hard Drive has a limit. So, how companies provide you unlimited.

Limited Hosting are good, they give what they have. The perfect, and everything written in their plans and packages, you will get.

So, In my choice you should go for Limited Shared Hosting.

Recommended Shared Hosting Providers according to me: